Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Monday Feb. 16, 2016

When I last updated I had some unsettling news…I had  a seisure in the Satiago Chile airport a less less than an hour before before boarding the plane to come home…….hospital in Chile, plane home, VGH.

Feb, 12. I had brain surgery (part awake answering questions, a biopsy and as much of the tumour out as possible)  ..slight set back on Sat. and better today..Monday Feb. 16.   I will be staying with Cam and Cassidy for a couple of days and then home for a time to see the dr and have the stitches out and check out the results of the pathology. 

I will have internet back at Cam’s and back at home….so will answer the email I have been slacking on

I am ok and recovering…….and learning how to slay home and in one place and as for help. Can’t drive so please phone and visit me

Thank you for all your well wishes, visits and gifts….

Tuesday Feb 17

..I am staying with Cam and Cassidy right nown….maybe at Sheryl’s this weekend

Friday I will get the staples out of my skull and the biopsy results……I am laying low…..but accept visits and will be relying on rides…..I will not be able to drive for a long time….but hopefully home soon.

I do not have everyone on my contact list on this computer so please feel free to email and I will keep busy answering

I am ok!

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