Saturday, February 7, 2015

Saturday February 7 2015   Vancouver General Hospital

The last time I wrote I was writing from a hotel room in Chile writing about a taxi ride to the Santiago airport and a day at the Houston Space centre and an airplane ride home to Vancouver.

Saturday January 31 my life, my family and friends lives changed forever……especially Lori’s.

While I went to the bathroom to get into my travelling clothes Lori waited by the luggage.  When I came back I told her my hand felt funny and as I was telling her I was tumbling to the ground. 

The next thing I truly remember is waking up Monday February 2 in a hospital room in Santiago….Lori in a hide a bed beside me looking after all the details of getting us home and getting this news home to my family.

I have had a brain seisure… is a not known if it is cancerous or not.

Wayne came to meet us in Houston and then in Vancoouver and Cam and Cassidy (and the baby bump) were at the Vancouver Airport and then took us straight to Vancouver General Hospital.  Lori, instead of going home to her nice warm bed came too to explain what happened, what the Santiago hospital did and what medication was given.

My right side, hand mainly and mouth are not behaving themselves properly….I will be operated on tomorrow or next week to see what is going to happen.  One big thing is that I will not be driving for at least 6 month….and you all know how much I rely on my car!!!!!!

I will try to keep up this blog to let you all know what is going on in my new world

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